Commit to the lift, etc.

I like pancakes. A lot. Some might say I have a problem with pancakes. When I was making a batch recently, I had put too many in the pan and it was hard to get the spatula in to flip them. I made a total mess because I was tentative in my flipping and not confident. The next round was similar in that I put too many in. This time I committed to the flip. Spatula under. Deep breath. Flip. Perfection.

I realized flipping the pancake is my metaphor for a successful lift at the gym. Getting a certain weight I was after. A PR. If I walk up to a barbell and hesitate or overthink it or lack confidence, I won’t get the lift. But, if I commit, I will have a much stronger chance. If I commit to flipping the pancake, I will be more successful at the gym.

Now, back to pancakes..